12 Powerful Facebook Marketing Tips (that actually work)

Updated: May 26, 2021

Have you ever encountered a particular phase in your marketing career where the frustration and dejection over your failed Facebook marketing strategy is just too overwhelming????

It is possible that your ad account got banned, you failed in reading matrices, had difficulty in A B testing, ads got rejected or the marketing budget was just too low.

But relax, Its okay....I'm here to solve all your problems. The important part is that NOW you are here to learn, apply and get jaw dropping results. I will help you create a Facebook Marketing Strategy which will actually get you money.

Sounds great right!!! Excellent lets dive in..

Facebook Marketing is not what you would call 'rocket science' or to complex to be used. I find most people are afraid to dive into the world of Facebook because they have a phobia that they aren't smart enough.

Let me clarify for you....Facebook is just a tool to market your product, build brand awareness and ultimately attract customers.

The good news is... you can do it too

Just follow the 12 steps and you'll be good to go.

YUP....It's REALLY that simple

Step #1-Create A Business Page

The first step in order to start your path to effective Facebook marketing is to start a business page. Remember the profile page doesn't count. You have to make a business page.

Your Page should mainly consist of:

  1. Your Profile Picture

  2. Your Call To Action

  3. Your side bar tabs

All these elements will play a key role in your Facebook Marketing Strategy. But before i proceed I want to mention something real quick.

Facebook has 6 specific categories which define the identity of your page. You'll want to choose one of the following ones.

Most of the people reading this might fall into the category of Local business or Brand.

Choosing the right category is important because each category has different features which make it easier for your service to be marketed.