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Turn Your Ad Clicks Into Paying Customers!

Ultimate Facebook Marketing Training To Get More Leads And Customer Than Ever Before

To Minimise Your Customer Asquisition Cost To Under Rs 100 And Maximise Your Conversion Rate To Over 15%


(Online (4 Days) Training With USA Certified Digital Marketing Strategist, CEO Kashif Memon)

If You're A Marketer Or Business Owner Who's Struggling With "Higher Ad Costs And Low Conversion Rate"....

(Read This Entire Letter Right Now)

So here's the deal...

I'm not going to pitch you to buy my training whatsoever

I'm just going to highlight the 2 BIGGEST problems in your campaigns or business...

I would say these are the only reasons you are not succeedeing right now.

You could call them your growth blockers, your profit eaters....

They're the reason you can't scal bigtime.

1) Your Cost Per Customer Acquisition Is Too High (the amount of money it takes to get a customer)

2) Your Conversion Rate Is Too Low (You don't get qualified leads or barely any who buy from you)

That's it.

Its literally the only 2 factors you need to work on to grow your business.

And I can help you solve just that.

"Get Leads And Cutomers Training"

This (4 Day) Training is for you if any of the boxes below apply


So Here Is How The Procedure Of Enrollment Works

The Training + Bonuses Costs Rs 5000 to join.

When you scroll down you'll see exactly what value you'll be getting here

So is it worth it?

If this training...

a) finally teaches you the strategies to launch winning Facebook campaigns...

b) get a decent return on ad spend...

c) minimise your customer acquisition cost...

d) and increase your conversion rate...


Will Spending 5000 Be Worth It????

Itinerary For The 10 Hour (4 Day) Training

Unlocking FB Secrets Ads (21-August-2023)-01.jpg


How to audit your digital assets and get them ready to get orders, customers and leads.


How to grow your perfect audience on your page in less than half average industry price( Rs. 2 or less).

Unlocking FB Secrets Ads (21-August-2023)-02.jpg
Unlocking FB Secrets Ads (21-August-2023)-03.jpg


How to create ad and write copy and setup everything in Facebook to get qualified leads so that you can convert them into customers.


 How to create ad for your e-commerce store and write copy in primary text in Facebook to get consistent orders.

Unlocking FB Secrets Ads (21-August-2023)-04.jpg

All You Get When You Enroll in

"Get Leads And Customers Training"



4 Days Online Training Over Zoom With CEO Kashif Memon



Direct Access To Kashif Memon For Question/Answer Session



Certificate Of Participation Issued By Eureka Digital Marketing Academy


mockup final file with lcd and product box bl.png

Digital Recordings Of Trainings Of Facebook Marketing Secrets: Beginner Level


Digital Recordings Of Trainings Of Facebook Marketing Secrets: Intermediate Level


Digital Recordings Of Trainings Of Facebook Marketing Secrets: Advanced Level



Digital Recordings Of Trainings Of Facebook Marketing Secrets: Copywriting Module

All That You Get With "Get Leads And Customers Training"

1) 4 Day Zoom Training With Kashif Memon                                                                                   (Rs 40,000 Value)

2) WhatsApp Support Group With Access To Certified Digital Marketers                                   (Rs 15,000 Value)

3) Direct Access To Kashif Memon For Q&A                                                                                   (Rs 30,000 Value)

4) Certificate Of Participation                                                                                                            (Rs 20,000 Value)

5) Digital Recordings: Facebook For Beginners                                                                              (Rs 45,000 Value)

6) Digital Recordings: Facebook For Intermediate                                                                         (Rs 45,000 Value)

7) Digital Recordings: Facebook For Advanced                                                                              (Rs 45,000 Value)

8) Digital Recordings: Copywriting Module                                                                                     (Rs 45,000 Value)

Total Value:



Enroll Now In Just

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