How to Create High Converting Ads on Facebook

Updated: May 26, 2021

Are you sick and tired of constant rejection of ads in your social media channels...

Is this starting to affect your overall work and mental health because you can't get even one ad to pass the checking phase?

Are you unable to build a perfect audience for your brand too and establish brand awareness?

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Let's get into it then...

How to decide between Facebook's 3 major ad Placements

Facebook ads are a delicate balance, where you have to weigh up so many different objectives, ad types, placements, and sizes in order to get the creative just right.

One of the first places to start, well before considering an image or headline, is the platform and device placement.

Placement #1: Desktop News Feed

The standard Desktop, News Feed placement is your first go-to option.

As a general rule, the priority placement here gets you better-than-average conversion odds.

And you get more room to make your case, with a larger image, longer copy, and additional link description area.

The only problem?

It’s competitive. And it’s expensive (relatively speaking).

You’re paying for the extra emphasis. So while that’s great if your goals include engagement or generating leads and sales, it’s not-so-great for discovery and brand awareness.

Placement #2: Desktop Right Column

Right Column ads typically take a back seat to News Feed ones because they’re slightly out-of-sight, out-of-mind.

Not to mention, your ability to captivate with a smaller image and little-to-no text area becomes a little diluted.